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Case Studies.

Case Study ZNatural in Mercury Poisoning

Oral Chelation of Heavy Metals

InVitro Removal from cells of Heavy Metals

Removal of Heavy Metals by ZNatural for Epithelial Cells

Dr Meyer SR case study

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Cleveland Clinic Animal Cancer Study

Ricera Animal Cancer Study

Ricera Final Results

  1. ANN MEYER, DO: August, 2010 White Paper on ZNatural® Detoxifying Oral Chelator.

    The White Paper reviews the toxicity of various heavy metals and other toxins and the role of ZNatural® in reducing their effects. These include Arsenic, Cadmium, Lead, Mercury, Iron, Pesticides, Environmental Estrogens and Free Radicals. ZNatural® is a natural way to help protect the body from these harmful substances and boost the body’s ability to protect itself. It has no side effects and is odorless and tasteless. It has been widely used and studied in humans and animals with astounding results and without harming the normal healthy cells.

  2. December, 2012, ZNatural® Reaction with Beneficial Trace Minerals

    This study provides urine analysis data from four clients which demonstrate that ZNatural® does not remove excessive amounts of trace minerals needed by the body. When the body obtains trace minerals from food, ZNatural® does not significantly impact them. If trace mineral supplements are taken, they should be taken 45 minutes before or after taking ZNatural®.

  3. August, 2010 White Paper on ZNatural®. Summary of 10 years of Laboratory Testing and Research

    This White Paper discusses the chemical composition of ZNatural® and the time required for metabolization in the human body. It also compares it with five competitive products for heavy metal removal, in-vitro. The results showed between 5 and 20 times better removal when ZNatural® was used. Additional studies included a herbicide and pesticide removal analysis, chemical toxin removal and safety studies.

  4. July, 2012: In Vitro Study on Removal of Heavy Metals from Epithelial Cells Using ZNatural®.

    This in-vitro study demonstrates the removal of lead, mercury, copper, boron, and cobalt from epithelial cells and the ability of ZNatural® to reach inside cells to remove toxins contained in the cells, by passing into and through the cellular membrane.

    The ability of heavy metals to cross membranes into cells greatly increases their toxic effect. In addition, membrane transfer of metals is often involved in their absorption, distribution in the body and excretion, and thus membrane transfer helps determine metal toxicokinetics. In this study, lead, mercury, boron, copper, and cobalt were inserted into two human epithelial cell culture media. Substantial amounts of the metals became lodged inside the cells. The control media received no treatment, while the study media was inoculated with 400 microliters of ZNatural®.

    Cobalt and copper were completely removed, and the boron, lead and mercury were complexed and taken out at 99%+. ZNatural® removed essentially all of the metals in the study media, while no change was found in the control culture.